Class UncompressInputStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable

    public class UncompressInputStream
    extends FilterInputStream
    This class decompresses an input stream containing data compressed with the unix "compress" utility (LZC, a LZW variant). This code is based heavily on the unlzw.c code in gzip-1.2.4 (written by Peter Jannesen) and the original compress code. This version has been modified from the original 0.3-3 version by the Unidata Program Center (support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to make the constructor public and to fix a couple of bugs. Also: - markSupported() returns false - add uncompress() static method
    0.3-3 06/05/2001, 0.3-5 2008/01/19, 1.0 2018/01/08
    Ronald Tschalar, Unidata Program Center, Richard Holland - making LZW_MAGIC package-visible., Fred Hansen ( Fixed available() and the EOF condition for mainloop. Also added some comments., Fred Hansen ( added uncompress(InputStream,OutputStream) and called it from main(String[]) and uncompress(String, FileOutputStream) normalize indentation rewrite skip method amend logging code in uncompress(String, FileOutputStream)