Class AbstractCifFileSupplier.WrappedAtom

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    public static class AbstractCifFileSupplier.WrappedAtom
    extends Object
    Wrapped atoms represent individual atoms enriched with model- and chain-level information. Also, gives control over the atomId field. Useful to convert structures (and subsets thereof) to their mmCIF representation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WrappedAtom

        public WrappedAtom​(int model,
                           String chainName,
                           String chainId,
                           Atom atom,
                           int atomId)
        Construct a new atoms.
        model - the model number
        chainName - the label_asym_id
        chainId - the auth_asym_id
        atom - the atom instance itself
        atomId - the label_atom_id