Class RCSBLigandsFactory

  • public class RCSBLigandsFactory
    extends Object
    Fetches information from RCSB's RESTful Web Service Interface. A factory for RCSBLigands from ligandInfo XML files. The factory methods will return null if the data was not found (rather than throwing an exception); client code should test for this. This is for consistency: if the factory could not read some part (corresponding to a field in a class in rcsb.descriptions) of the XML file, either because it was blank or contained an error that could not be safely ignored, that field will simply be null. This holds even for numerical values. On some parse errors, the error will additionally be printed to standard error. Example usage:
     RCSBLigands ligands = RCSBLigandsFactory.getFromPdbIds("1w0p");
     List<RCSBLigand> list = ligands.getLigands();
     System.out.println(list.get(0).getFormula()); // prints "CA 2"
     System.out.println(list.get(1).getFormula()); // prints "C11 H19 N O9"
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