Class SphereSampler

  • public final class SphereSampler
    extends Object
    Sample possible orientations. An orientation can be represented as a quaternion or as a rotation axis and angle. The orientations are somewhat evenly distributed over orientation space, but the current implementation is not suited for statistically uniform sampling.
    • Method Detail

      • getQuat4d

        public static javax.vecmath.Quat4d getQuat4d​(int index)
      • getAxisAngle

        public static void getAxisAngle​(int index,
                                        javax.vecmath.AxisAngle4f axisAngle)
      • getAxisAngle

        public static void getAxisAngle​(int index,
                                        javax.vecmath.AxisAngle4d axisAngle)
        index - Index between 0 and getSphereCount()-1
        axisAngle - (Output) modified to contain the index-th sampled orientation