Class BiblioDescription

  • public class BiblioDescription
    extends Object

    It represents an account of the content of the cited resource. It is either an abstract, or table of contents, or both. It can be written in a language different from the language of the cited resource.

    Both abstract and table of contents can contain more than just a plain text, typically they may be expressed in a markup language. Their formats are defined according to the MIME specification.

    Martin Senger
    • Field Detail

      • theAbstract

        public String theAbstract

        It is an abstract of the cited resource. It can be expressed as a plain text or in a markup language.

        See Also:
      • abstractType

        public String abstractType

        It specifies how theAbstract is coded.

        If it is empty then theAbstract is coded as a plain text, using us-ascii coding. Otherwise, this attribute is equivalent to the Content-Type Header Field of the MIME specification, with exclusion of the keyword Content-Type. For example, it can contain text/html, or, using additional parameters, text/plain; charset=us-ascii.

        Often abstracts are also available from the same or separate repository as URLs. There are several ways to provide this information in the here described data model. The implementations may choose their own way and still remain compliant with this specification. However, the first approach, described below, is recommended to achieve interoperability between implementations.

        • Use here text/url and put the URL into theAbstract field.
        • Use here text/plain; url=xxxxx where xxxxx is a URL of the abstract (in this case theAbstract may still have a full or partial text of the abstract as a plain text).
        • Use here a multi-part (see MIME specification). In such case theAbstract will have both the full or partial abstract text, and a URL.
        • Put the URL into using key abstractURL.

      • language

        public String language

        It defines a language used for theAbstract and tableOfContents. The recommended values are discussed in BibRef.language.

        Note that there is no mechanism how to specify different languages for the abstract and table of contents for one citation.