Class BiblioEntryStatus

  • public class BiblioEntryStatus
    extends Object

    It defines information related to the citation itself rather than to the cited resource. In other words, it represents a status of a record in a bibliographic repository.

    Martin Senger
    • Field Detail

      • properties

        public Hashtable properties

        The dynamic properties may be used to add features related to the citation itself. For example, a name of the citation annotator, or citation version.

        The property names should be made available in a controlled vocabulary named BibRefSupport.ENTRY_PROPERTIES.

      • repositorySubset

        public String repositorySubset

        Some bibliographic repositories consist of several, or even many, databases. The subset helps to locate the citation within the repository.

        The possible values of this member should be defined in a controlled vocabulary named BibRefSupport.REPOSITORY_SUBSETS.