Interface URLGeneratorFactory

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    public interface URLGeneratorFactory
    Interface for a factory method to return a list of 0, 1 or more DatabaseURLGenerator instances. Primary author - Colin Hardman (CAT) Other authors - Tim Dilks (CAT) Simon Brocklehurst (CAT) Stuart Johnston (CAT) Lawerence Bower (CAT) Derek Crockford (CAT) Neil Benn (CAT) Copyright 2001 Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc. This code released to the biojava project, May 2001 under the LGPL license.
    Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc
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      • getDatabaseURLGenerators

        List getDatabaseURLGenerators()
        Returns a list of 0, 1 or more DatabaseURLGenerator The first is used to link from the id in the summary table, all are used as a list of links in the detail section.
        a List