Class Index2Model

    • Method Detail

      • setPrimaryKeyName

        public void setPrimaryKeyName​(String primaryKeyName)

        Set the tag to use as a primary key in the index.

        Whenever a value for the primary key tag is seen, this is passed to the indexer as the primary key for indexing.

        Primary keys must be unique between entries, and each entry must provide exactly one primary key value.

        primaryKeyName - the tag to use as primary key
      • getPrimaryKeyName

        public String getPrimaryKeyName()
        Retrieve the tag currently used as primary key.
        a String representing the primary key name
      • addKeyPath

        public void addKeyPath​(String keyName,
                               Object[] path)

        Add a key and a path to that key in the tag-value hierachy.

        Secondary keys are potentialy non-unique properties of the entries being indexed. Multiple records can use the same secondary key values, and a single record can have multiple values for a secondary key. However, the primary key must be unique.

        keyName - the name of the secondary key to add
        path - the names of each tag to follow to reach the value of the key
      • removeKeyPath

        public void removeKeyPath​(String keyName)
        Remove a key.
        keyName - the name of the key to remove