Class MultiTagger

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    TagValueListener, TagValueWrapper

    public class MultiTagger
    extends SimpleTagValueWrapper
    Partician multiple values for a tag into their own tag groups.

    With tag-value files, it is not uncommon for information about logical blocks of data to be encoded in the values as well as tags of the document. For example, in swissprot entries, the comment block may be punctuated by lines that clearly seperate one logical comment from another, but there may be no change in the pattern of tags to indicate this. Some fields, such as alternate names in Enzyme, are a ist of values but some of the values are longer than a single line. Each value is terminated with a period ".", but again there is no way from the tags to know the logical grouping.

    This class provides callbacks to allow event streams to be re-written so that they contain this information. A single CC tag with multiple values can be re-written as multiple CC tags with values for each logical comment. This is done by presenting each value to an instance of Agregator.Observer that indicates if the current value signals the end of a logcal block.

    Matthew Pocock