Class RegexChanger

    • Constructor Detail

      • RegexChanger

        public RegexChanger​(Pattern pattern,
                            int matchGroup)
        Create a new RegexChanger with a pattern.
        pattern - the Pattern used to split values
        matchGroup - the group to pull out - use 0 to pull out the whole match
    • Method Detail

      • change

        public Object change​(Object value)
                      throws ParserException
        Description copied from interface: ChangeTable.Changer

        Produce a modified value from an old value.

        It is strongly recommended that this method is re-entrant and does not modify the state of the Changer in a way that would affect future return -values.

        Specified by:
        change in interface ChangeTable.Changer
        value - the old value Object
        the new value Object
        ParserException - if value could not be changed