Interface TagValueParser

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    LineSplitParser, RegexParser

    public interface TagValueParser

    Tokenize single records (lines of text, objects) into a tag and a value.

    TagValueParser instances may be stateful, that is they may remember previous values of tags or values, and return different TagValue responses accordingly.

    Matthew Pocock, Keith James
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        static final String EMPTY_LINE_EOR

        EMPTY_LINE_EOR is a special EOR value which allows an empty line to be used as a record separator. Normally this is not possible as the empty line will be swallowed by the preceding tag or value. Use this as an argument to the setEndOfRecord method.

        An empty line is defined as a line which contains nothing between the start and the following system-defined line separator. Therefore lines which contain only whitespace are not considererd to be empty.

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