Event-driven parsing system for the Extensible Feature Format (XFF). This is currently targetted at the XFF 0.2 proposal. For more information, see The XFF proposal page.

XFF is an experimental format, and both the format and the APIs in this package may change in the future.

The main class in this package is XFFFeatureSetHandler, which is intended as a content handler for XFF featureSet elements. By default, this class handles the XFF feature and strandedFeature types. Any other feature types are treated as one of these. It is, however, possible to plug in additional handlers to cope with sub-types of feature. The only detail type recognized is xff:prop -- all others are silently ignored. But again, it is easy to plug in extra StAX handlers for other detail types.

When writing a handler, for a new feature type, you will normally want to sub-class the existing FeatureHandler or StrandedFeatureHanlder classes.