Interface SeqSimilaritySearchResult

    • Method Detail

      • getQuerySequence

        Sequence getQuerySequence()
        Returns the query sequence which was used to perform the search.
        the Sequence object used to search the SequenceDB. Never returns null.
      • getSequenceDB

        SequenceDB getSequenceDB()
        Returns the sequence database against which the search was performed.
        the SequenceDB object against which the search was carried out. Never returns null.
      • getSearchParameters

        Map getSearchParameters()
        Returns the search parameters used in the search that produced this search result.
        the (immutable) search parameter Map object. May return null.
      • getHits

        List getHits()
        Return all hits in this sequence similarity search result. The hits are sorted from best to worst.
        an (immutable) List of SeqSimilaritySearchHit objects containing all hits in the search result. Never returns null but may return an empty list.