Interface FeatureTypes.Type

    • Method Detail

      • getSchema

        FeatureFilter getSchema()

        Get the schema for this type.

        The schema is represented as a FeatureFilter. This will almost certainly be a complext filter using ands and ors to combine multiple constraints. A particular type may chose to restrict any one of the feature's properties, their allowed children and their allowed parents in a feature hierachy, the type of the annotation associated with it and anything else that can be expressed using a feature fitler.

        For a feature to actualy conform to this type, it must be acceptable by the schema filter.

        the schema FeatureFilter
      • getName

        String getName()
        Get the name of this type.
        the Type name
      • getParents

        Set getParents()
        Get a set of URIs for parent types.
        a Set of all parent URIs
      • getURI

        String getURI()

        Get the URI for this type.

        The URI will be composed according to the rules defined in FeatureTypes, being of the form${repository}/${type}.

        the URI for this type