Class RemoteFeature.Region

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static final class RemoteFeature.Region
    extends Object
    A tuple of Location and sequence ID.

    For local locations, the Region is just a wrapper for a Location. For remote Regions, it also contains a String representing the Sequence ID of the remote Location.

    Matthew Pocock
    • Constructor Detail

      • Region

        public Region​(Location location,
                      String seqID,
                      boolean isRemote)
        Create a new Region.
        location - the Location of the Region
        seqID - the ID of the Sequence containing the Location, or null if it is a local Region
    • Method Detail

      • getLocation

        public Location getLocation()
        Retrieve the Location of the Region.
        the Location of this Region
      • getSeqID

        public String getSeqID()
        Return the remote Sequence ID if this Region is on another Sequence (isRemote will return true), null otherwise.
        the ID of the remote Sequence containing this Region
      • isRemote

        public boolean isRemote()
        Return whether this Region is remote or local.

        If this returns true, getSeqID() will return the ID of the remote sequence. Otherwise, getSeqID() will return null.

        true if this is a remote Region, false otherwise