Interface StrandedFeature

    • Method Detail

      • getStrand

        StrandedFeature.Strand getStrand()
        Retrieve the strand that this feature lies upon.

        This will be one of StrandedFeature.POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

        one of the Strand constants
      • getSymbols

        SymbolList getSymbols()
        Return a list of symbols that are contained in this feature.

        The symbols may not be contiguous in the original sequence, but they will be concatenated together in the resulting SymbolList.

        The order of the Symbols within the resulting symbol list will be according to the concept of ordering within the location object.

        If the feature is on the negative strand then the SymbolList will be reverse-complemented as appropriate.

        Specified by:
        getSymbols in interface Feature
        a SymbolList containing each symbol of the parent sequence contained within this feature in the order they appear in the parent