Class IntegerAlphabet.SubIntegerAlphabet

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Alphabet
        Get the name of the alphabet.
        the name as a string.
      • getTokenization

        public SymbolTokenization getTokenization​(String name)
        Description copied from interface: Alphabet

        Get a SymbolTokenization by name.

        The parser returned is guaranteed to return Symbols and SymbolLists that conform to this alphabet.

        Every alphabet should have a SymbolTokenzation under the name 'token' that uses the symbol token characters to translate a string into a SymbolList. Likewise, there should be a SymbolTokenization under the name 'name' that uses symbol names to identify symbols. Any other names may also be defined, but the behavior of the returned SymbolTokenization is not defined here.

        A SymbolTokenization under the name 'default' should be defined for all sequences, that determines the behavior when printing out a sequence. Standard behavior is to define the 'token' SymbolTokenization as default if it exists, else to define the 'name' SymbolTokenization as the default, but others are possible.

        Specified by:
        getTokenization in interface Alphabet
        getTokenization in class AbstractAlphabet
        name - Currently only "token" is supported.
        an IntegerParser.
      • size

        public int size()
        Description copied from interface: FiniteAlphabet
        The number of symbols in the alphabet.
        the size of the alphabet
      • getAlphabets

        public List getAlphabets()
        Description copied from interface: Alphabet
        Return an ordered List of the alphabets which make up a compound alphabet. For simple alphabets, this will return a singleton list of itself. The returned list should be immutable.
        a List of alphabets
      • removeSymbol

        public void removeSymbol​(Symbol sym)
                          throws ChangeVetoException
        Description copied from interface: FiniteAlphabet
        Remove a symbol from this alphabet.

        If the symbol matches multiple AtomicSymbols, then each matching symbol it will be removed.

        sym - the Symbol to removeintGot
        ChangeVetoException - if either the alphabet doesn't allow symbols to be added, or the change was vetoed
      • iterator

        public Iterator iterator()
        Description copied from interface: FiniteAlphabet
        Retrieve an Iterator over the AtomicSymbols in this FiniteAlphabet.

        Each AtomicSymbol as for which this.contains(as) is true will be returned exactly once by this iterator in no specified order.

        an Iterator over the contained AtomicSymbol objects
      • getAnnotation

        public Annotation getAnnotation()
        Description copied from interface: Annotatable
        Should return the associated annotation object.
        an Annotation object, never null