Class PackedSymbolListFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • PackedSymbolListFactory

        public PackedSymbolListFactory()
        Create a factory for PackedSymbolLists. The use of ambiguity packing is determined automatically as required.
      • PackedSymbolListFactory

        public PackedSymbolListFactory​(boolean ambiguity)
        the argumentless constructor creates a SymbolListFactory that will autoselect the packing appropriately.
        Create a factory for PackedSymbolLists with specified packing type.
        ambiguity - is ambiguity to be supported by the encoding?
    • Method Detail

      • makeSymbolList

        public SymbolList makeSymbolList​(Symbol[] symbolArray,
                                         int size,
                                         Alphabet alfa)
                                  throws IllegalAlphabetException
        Makes a packed SymbolList out of a list of Symbols.
        Specified by:
        makeSymbolList in interface SymbolListFactory
        symbolArray - the symbols to be make in a packed SymbolList
        size - the length of the symbolArray array.
        alfa - the Alphabet over which the SymbolList shoudl be
        a packed SymbolList with the Symbols in symbolArray and the Alphabet in alfa
        IllegalAlphabetException - if alfa and the Symbols in symbolArray disagree.