Interface ReversibleTranslationTable

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    AbstractReversibleTranslationTable, SimpleReversibleTranslationTable

    public interface ReversibleTranslationTable
    extends TranslationTable
    A translation table that can also translate from the target to source alphabet.

    I guess this is encapsulates an invertible function, and the untranslate method is the inverse operation to translate.

    It is assumed that untranslate(translate(x)) = x for all x in the source alphabet, and that translate(untranslate(y)) = y for all y in the target alphabet. Note, one interesting sub-set of reversible transforms are of the form translate(x) = untranslate(x), and represent 'mirror image' transformations.

    Matthew Pocock
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      • untranslate

        Symbol untranslate​(Symbol sym)
                    throws IllegalSymbolException
        Translate a single symbol from target alphabet to the source alphabet.
        sym - the Symbol to translate (member of target alphabet)
        the translated version of sym (member of source alphabet)
        IllegalSymbolException - if sym is not a member of the target alphabet