Class SparseVector.NormalizingKernel

    • Constructor Detail

      • NormalizingKernel

        public NormalizingKernel​(SparseVector s)
        Generate a normalizing kernel with the normalizing vector s.
        s - the SparseVector to normalize by
      • NormalizingKernel

        public NormalizingKernel​(List vectors)
        Generate a normalizing kernel defined by the SparseVectors in vectors.

        It will set up a normalizing vector that has weight that will scale each element so that the average score is 1.

    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public double evaluate​(Object o1,
                               Object o2)
        Evaluate the kernel function between two SparseVectors.

        This function is equivalent to:
        k(a, b) = sum_i ( a_i * b_i * nv_i )
        where nv_i is the value of the normalizing vector at index i. This can be thought of as scaling each vector at index i by sqrt(nv_i).

        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface SVMKernel