Interface CandyFinder

  • All Superinterfaces:
    EventListener, PropertyChangeListener

    public interface CandyFinder
    extends PropertyChangeListener

    This interface is a main entry point to a set of controlled vocabularies.

    The implementation is supposed to behave as a Java bean (usually an invisible bean unless it implements some additional GUI methods which are not defined in this interface).

    Martin Senger, Matthew Pocock
    • Method Detail

      • connect

        void connect()
              throws CandyException

        It creates a connection to an object representing a vocabulary finder, or/and it makes all necessary initialization steps needed for further communication.

        However, there should be no need to call this method explicitly, the other methods should do it automatically before they need to use the finder.

        CandyException - if the connection/initialization cannot be established
      • isReady

        boolean isReady()
        It checks if a vocabulary finder object is available. The semantic of availabledepends on the implementation.
      • disconnect

        void disconnect()
        It closes connection with the finder object. Implementations may choose to use this method for freeing resources.