Package org.biojavax

Class DocRefAuthor.Tools

    • Method Detail

      • parseAuthorString

        public static List<DocRefAuthorparseAuthorString​(String authors)
        Takes a list of authors and returns a set of DocRefAuthor objects.
        authors - a comma-separated list of authors
        set of DocRefAuthor objects.
      • generateAuthorString

        public static String generateAuthorString​(List<DocRefAuthor> authors,
                                                  boolean useAnd)
        Takes a set of authors and creates a comma-separated string. For the final comma, it replaces it with the word "and".
        authors - set of authors
        useAnd - whether or not to do the and thing, otherwise use all commas.
        a comma-separated string with the word "and" in place of the final comma.