Class ExonSequence

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExonSequence

        public ExonSequence​(GeneSequence parentGeneSequence,
                            int bioBegin,
                            int bioEnd)
        Need a parent gene sequence and the bioBegin and bioEnd. An Exon sequence doesn't actually imply what the protein coding sequence will be. This is a little difficult to model and have it make sense. A gene has a collection of Exon and Intron sequences where the Exon sequences will join up. A gene sequences has a collection of different possible isoform proteins based on the transcription rules. A TranscriptionSequence will contain CDSSequence where the CDSSequence will be contained in the ExonSequence. Thus a ExonSequence is the union of overlapping CDSSequences.
        parentGeneSequence -
        bioBegin -
        bioEnd -