Class CoreSuperimposer

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    public class CoreSuperimposer
    extends Object
    implements MultipleSuperimposer
    Superimposes the core aligned residues of every structure in a MultipleAlignment onto a reference structure. This method can eliminate the pairwise similarities of some structures to the reference, when doing the superposition, taking into account only those shared parts between the structures.

    Performs a global superposition of the MultipleAlignment in case there is only one BlockSet, and a superposition for every BlockSet in case there is more than one (flexible alignment).

    This class uses the SuperPositionSVD algorithm.

    Aleix Lafita
    • Constructor Detail

      • CoreSuperimposer

        public CoreSuperimposer()
        Default Constructor. Uses the first structure as the reference.
      • CoreSuperimposer

        public CoreSuperimposer​(int reference)
        Constructor using a specified structure as reference.
        reference - Index of the structure to use as a reference (it has to be > 0)