Class SuperPositionAbstract

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      • superposeAndTransform

        public javax.vecmath.Matrix4d superposeAndTransform​(javax.vecmath.Point3d[] fixed,
                                                            javax.vecmath.Point3d[] moved)
        Description copied from interface: SuperPosition
        Transform an array of points so that the coordinates of its points minimize the RMSD to the other array of equivalent points, and return the transformation matrix applied.

        The two point arrays have to be of the same length and the order of points have to be the same, so that a specific position in the one array is equivalent to the same position in the other array.

        Specified by:
        superposeAndTransform in interface SuperPosition
        fixed - point array as reference, onto which the other point array is superposed. Original coordinates will not be modified.
        moved - point array to which the resulting transformation matrix is applied. Original coordinates will be transformed.
        transformation matrix as a Matrix4d to superpose moved onto fixed point arrays
      • checkInput

        protected void checkInput​(javax.vecmath.Point3d[] fixed,
                                  javax.vecmath.Point3d[] moved)
        Check that the input to the superposition algorithms is valid.
        fixed -
        moved -
      • setCentered

        public void setCentered​(boolean centered)
        centered - true if the point arrays are centered at the origin (faster), false otherwise