Class AxisAligner

    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static AxisAligner getInstance​(QuatSymmetryResults results)
        Returns an instance of AxisAligner for differnt type of QuatSymmetryResults (factory method)
        results - symmetry results
        instance of AxisAligner
      • getDimension

        public abstract javax.vecmath.Vector3d getDimension()
      • getRadius

        public abstract double getRadius()
        Returns the radius for drawing polyhedra
        double radius
      • getGeometicCenterTransformation

        public abstract javax.vecmath.Matrix4d getGeometicCenterTransformation()
        Returns a transformation matrix transform polyhedra for Cn structures. The center in this matrix is the geometric center, rather then the centroid. In Cn structures those are usually not the same.
      • getGeometricCenter

        public abstract javax.vecmath.Point3d getGeometricCenter()
        Returns the geometric center of polyhedron. In the case of the Cn point group, the centroid and geometric center are usually not identical.
      • getCentroid

        public abstract javax.vecmath.Point3d getCentroid()