Class BiblioCriterion

  • public class BiblioCriterion
    extends Object
    The criteria define how the matching or ordering should be done during queries.
    Martin Senger
    • Field Detail

      • name

        public String name

        Each Criterion is identified by its name. A list of criteria names is used in methods for querying and sorting (see BibRefQuery interface).

        The implementations are advised to use descriptive names. For example, the names for matching can be:

             match all words
             match any word
             case insensitive
             case sensitive
             partial word match
             full word match
        and the names for ordering can be:
        Another example of how to use Criteria is to allow regular expressions in queries. Not every implementation is supposed to have the capability of matching by regular expressions but those who have can specify (and document), for example, criterion with name regular expression.

      • mutuallyExclusiveWith

        public String[] mutuallyExclusiveWith

        A list of other criteria names that this criterion is mutually exclusive with.

        For example, a sort criterion ascending will probably have descending in this list.