Class EcNumber.Impl

    • Constructor Detail

      • Impl

        public Impl​(int mainClass,
                    int subClass,
                    int subSubClass,
                    int group)
        Make a new EcNumber.Impl with the data provided.
        mainClass - the main class number
        subClass - the sub class number
        subSubClass - the sub-sub class number
        group - the group number
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      • getClassNumber

        public int getClassNumber​(int level)
        Description copied from interface: EcNumber
        Get the class number associated with the particular level of the ec number.

        The index can be between 0 and 3 inclusive. 0 correxpons to the top level class, 1 to the sub-class and so on. A return value of UNDEFINED indicates that this field is not populated.

        Specified by:
        getClassNumber in interface EcNumber
        level - the level in the ec classification to return the number for
        the value at that level