Interface AnnotationDB

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    IndexedAnnotationDB, LazyFilteredAnnotationDB, LazySearchedAnnotationDB, MergingAnnotationDB, SimpleAnnotationDB

    public interface AnnotationDB

    A database of Annotation instances.

    It is often a pain to provide explicit API for a particular file format, but it is still necisary to present it as some collection of structured objects. Annotation, together with AnnotationType are capable of representing structured data and the tag-value parser API is uniquely suited to creating these from structured text files. AnnotationDB is provided as a way to wrap up a whole collection of Annotation instances so that they can be queried and handled as a unit.

    Matthew Pocock
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()

        The name of this AnnotationDB.

        the name of this AnnotationDB
      • getSchema

        AnnotationType getSchema()

        Get an AnnotationType that accepts all Annotation instances in this DB.

        The schema should accept all Annotations in the DB. However, it may hit other Annotations. So, AnnotationType.ALL is always a valid schema. Obviously, the more retrictive it is, the more usefull it becomes for introspection.

        the schema AnnotationType
      • iterator

        Iterator iterator()
        Loop over each Annotation in this db.
        an Iterator over each item in the DB
      • size

        int size()
        The number of Annotation instances in the DB.
        the size of this DB
      • filter

        AnnotationDB filter​(AnnotationType at)
        Find all Annotation instances in this DB that are of a particular type.
        at - the AnnotationType to match
        an AnnotationDB with all matching Annotation instances
      • search

        AnnotationDB search​(AnnotationType at)
        Find all Annotation instances in this DB and any Annotations that are child properties of these that match an AnnotationType.
        at - the AnnotationType to search with
        an AnnotationDB with all matching Annotation instances, irregardless of how deep in the hieracy they are