Class SequenceViewerEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • SequenceViewerEvent

        public SequenceViewerEvent​(Object source,
                                   Object target,
                                   int pos,
                                   MouseEvent mouseEvent,
                                   List path)
        Construct a SequenceViewerEvent with the given source, target, mouseEvent and path.
        source - the event source, presumably a GUI component
        target - an Object that is the target of the gesture - a feature, or {alignment, label, index} or some other structure, or null if there is no obvious target
        pos - the position (offset) within the sequence
        mouseEvent - the MouseEvent that caused this event to be produced
        path - a List of SequenceRenderer instances passed through to reach this event source
    • Method Detail

      • getPath

        public List getPath()
        Get the list of SequenceRenderer instances that were passed through to produce this event
        a List of SequenceRenderer instances
      • getTarget

        public Object getTarget()
        Get the Object that was the target of the mouse gesture or null if the mouse is not gesturing over any recognizable rendered object.
        the Object gestured at by the mouse event
      • getPos

        public int getPos()
        Get the offset within the sequence - the symbol index. This is not guaranteed to be within the legal range of symbol indices.
        the position of the gesture in sequence coordinates
      • getMouseEvent

        public MouseEvent getMouseEvent()
        Get the mouse event that caused this.
        the MouseEvent that caused this gesture to be noticed