Class AAindexStreamReader

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    public class AAindexStreamReader
    extends Object
    implements SymbolPropertyTableIterator
    Iterator over AAindex objects that are stored in a stream in the AAindex1 file format. The format of such an Amino Acid Index Database file is described in the AAindex manual . The nextTable() method returns objects of type AAindex. See this class also for further informations. To hold an AAindex1 file in memory for random access use the SimpleSymbolPropertyTableDB class:
     SimpleSymbolPropertyTableDB db = new SimpleSymbolPropertyTableDB(
             new AAindexStreamReader(new FileReader("aaindex1")));
     AAindex hydrophobicity = (AAindex) db.table("CIDH920105");
     SymbolList symbols = ProteinTools.createProtein(
     double hp = 0.0;
     for (int i = 1; i <= symbols.length(); i++) {
         hp += hydrophobicity.getDoubleValue(symbols.symbolAt(i));
     System.out.println("Average hydrophobicity: " + Double.toString(
             hp / symbols.length()));


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    Martin Szugat