Class SimpleFeatureRealizer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, FeatureRealizer

    public class SimpleFeatureRealizer
    extends Object
    implements FeatureRealizer, Serializable
    FeatureRealizer which uses a lookup table to map template classes to implementations. Optionally, this implementation can fall back on another FeatureRealizer if it fails.

    When searching for a Feature implementation to match a specific Feature.Template class, the following search order is used:

    1. Mappings added to this SimpleFeatureRealizer, in reverse order of addition.
    2. Any mappings known to the fallback realizer, if one is installed.
    3. If no mapping can be found, a BioException is thrown.

    Thomas Down
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    Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • addImplementation

        public void addImplementation​(Class template,
                                      Class impl)
                               throws BioException
        Install a new mapping from a class of Feature.Template to a class of Feature implementations. The implementation class MUST have a public constructor of the form (Sequence, FeatureHolder, Feature.Template).

        A newly added implementation takes precendence over any existing implementations if a template can be realized by more than one implementation.

        template - The class of templates to implement.
        impl - A class of Feature which can be used to implement these templates.