Class EmblLikeFormat

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, EventListener, SequenceFormat, ParseErrorListener, ParseErrorSource

    public class EmblLikeFormat
    extends Object
    implements SequenceFormat, Serializable, ParseErrorSource, ParseErrorListener
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    Format processor for handling EMBL records and similar files. This takes a very simple approach: all `normal' attribute lines are passed to the listener as a tag (first two characters) and a value (the rest of the line from the 6th character onwards). Any data between the special `SQ' line and the "//" entry terminator is passed as a SymbolReader.

    This low-level format processor should normally be used in conjunction with one or more `filter' objects, such as EmblProcessor.

    Many ideas borrowed from the old EmblFormat processor by Thomas Down and Thad Welch.

    Thomas Down, Greg Cox, Keith James, Len Trigg, Lorna Morris
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    Serialized Form