Class GAMEFormat

    • Method Detail

      • readSequence

        public boolean readSequence​(BufferedReader reader,
                                    SymbolTokenization symParser,
                                    SeqIOListener listener)
                             throws IOException
        this version only reads annotations (no symbols)
        Specified by:
        readSequence in interface SequenceFormat
        reader - The stream of data to parse.
        symParser - A SymbolParser defining a mapping from character data to Symbols.
        listener - A listener to notify when data is extracted from the stream.
        a boolean indicating whether or not the stream contains any more sequences.
        IOException - if an error occurs while reading from the stream.
      • writeSequence

        public void writeSequence​(Sequence seq,
                                  String format,
                                  PrintStream os)
        Description copied from interface: SequenceFormat
        writeSequence writes a sequence to the specified PrintStream, using the specified format.
        Specified by:
        writeSequence in interface SequenceFormat
        seq - a Sequence to write out.
        format - a String indicating which sub-format of those available from a particular SequenceFormat implemention to use when writing.
        os - a PrintStream object.