Event-driven parsing system for the Gene Annotation Markup Elements (GAME). It uses the StAX API developed by Thomase Down and is extensively derived from code he and others wrote for the XFF parser. This is an update that is targetted at the GAME 1.2 proposal. It was written specifically to parse annotation files from the Gadfly Drosophila Genome Annotation Project although it can probably be readily extended to other GAME files.

You should be aware that this parser doesn't set locations in the templates for and elements. These are inferred from the exons represented in elements and the data is not readily available to the parent element during the parser run. In my only implementation, I have a pass in the makeSequence method of the SeqIOListener class that goes thru' to resolve these details.

There are two base classes in this release. The first is the StAXFeatureHandler which is the base class for elements that intend to create new Feature objects. Then there is the StAXPropertyHandler class that is base class for element handlers that only extend properties of the existing feature. All classes should be subclassed from one of these.