Interface NexusBlockParser

    • Method Detail

      • startBlock

        void startBlock​(String blockName)
        Notifies the parser that a new block is starting.
        blockName - the name of the block.
      • endBlock

        void endBlock()
        Notifies the parser that a block is ending.
      • parseToken

        void parseToken​(String token)
                 throws ParseException
        Notifies the parser of the next token. Comment tokens will already have been parsed out and sent separately to the text() method of the listener. Quoted strings will have been parsed and underscores converted. What this token contains is the full string, after removal of quotes if necessary. The token will never be only whitespace.
        token - the token to parse.
        ParseException - if the token is unparseable.
      • endComment

        void endComment()
        Closing a comment tag.
      • endTokenGroup

        void endTokenGroup()
        Closing a line (semi-colon encountered). This indicates that anything received after it is on the next logical line of the block.
      • wantsBracketsAndBraces

        boolean wantsBracketsAndBraces()
        Does the listener want to know about brackets and braces as separate tokens?
        true if it does.