BOSC2008 Presentation

BOSC2008 Presentation

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Questions & Answers


What web site did you use for the code base statistics and project cost estimate (slide 3 in the presentation)?


The project statistics are generated and presented by

Biojava has a project page at

The presentation has been updated with this link.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) Session

Ed Lee:

Bio Object Layer, a layer on top of chado database. Proposal for GMOD, will post ideas on the GMOD wiki.

Tiago Antão:

Make Biojava API scripting-language and/or domain-specific language friendly.

Michael Heuer:

Consider goal of Processing (programming for artists) – can the same be done for biologists?

Travis Banks:

Make the list of simple things (in anger examples) a bit more flexible; “more forgiving”.