is is fairly straightforward to create sequences. Take a look at these examples:

Sequence objects can be created by providing a string representation as an input to the constructor:

java ProteinSequence seq = new ProteinSequence("MSTNPKPQRKTKRNTNRRPQDVKFPGG");

Fetch a protein sequence based on a UniProt accession code from UniProt. ```java String uniProtID = “P26663”;

// we will tell the UniProt proxy class that we are expecting a sequence that is an amino acid AminoAcidCompoundSet set = AminoAcidCompoundSet.getAminoAcidCompoundSet();

// now load the sequence from the UniProt website UniprotProxySequenceReader uniprotSequence = new UniprotProxySequenceReader(uniProtID,set);

// and make a protein sequence out of it ProteinSequence seq = new ProteinSequence(uniprotSequence); ```