How do I make a custom Alphabet then take an OrderNDistribution over it?

This example demonstrates the creation of a custom Alphabet that will have seven Symbols. The custom made Symbols and Alphabet can then be used to make SymbolLists, Sequences, Distributions etc. When the AlphabetManager creates the CrossProductAlphabet, it will infer that the order of the conditioning alphabet is (order - 1) and the order of the conditioned alphabet is 1.

Contributed by Russell Smithies.

```java import*; import java.util.*;

import*; import*; import*; import org.biojava.utils.*;

public class DistTest {

 public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

   //create a custom dwarf Alphabet
   String[] dNames = {
       "Grumpy", "Sleepy", "Dopey", "Doc", "Happy", "Sneezy", "Bashful"
   Symbol[] dwarfs = new Symbol[7];
   SimpleAlphabet dwarfAlphabet = new SimpleAlphabet();

   //give the new Alphabet a name

   for (int i = 1; i <= 7; i++) {
     try {
       dwarfs[i - 1] = AlphabetManager.createSymbol((char) ('0' + i), "" + dNames[i - 1],Annotation.EMPTY_ANNOTATION);
        //add your new Symbols to the Alphabet
           dwarfAlphabet.addSymbol(dwarfs[i - 1]);
     catch (Exception e) {
       throw new NestedError(e, "Can't create symbols to represent dwarf");

   //it is usual (but not essential) to register newly creates Alphabets with the AlphabetManager
   AlphabetManager.registerAlphabet(dwarfAlphabet.getName(), dwarfAlphabet);


Create an OrderNDstribution using the newly built Dwarf Alphabet


`   //order of the distribution`  
`   int order = 3;`

`   //create the cross-product Alphabet`  
`   Alphabet a = AlphabetManager.getCrossProductAlphabet(Collections.nCopies(order, dwarfAlphabet));`

`   //use the OrderNDistributionFactory to create the Distribution`  
`   OrderNDistribution ond = (OrderNDistribution)OrderNDistributionFactory.DEFAULT.createDistribution(a);`

`   //create the DistributionTrainer`  
`   DistributionTrainerContext dtc = new SimpleDistributionTrainerContext();`

`   //register the Distribution with the trainer`  
`   dtc.registerDistribution(ond);`

This shows the creation of of a SymbolList from the Dwarf Alphabet so we can test our new OrderNDistribution. This is done by making, a UniformDistribution which is randomly sampled and adding the Symbols to an ArrayList. The ArrayList is then used to build the SymbolList.

`   //create a random symbolList of dwarves`  
`   UniformDistribution udist = new UniformDistribution((FiniteAlphabet)dwarfAlphabet);`

`   int size = 100;`  
`   List list = new ArrayList();`

`   for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {`  
`     list.add(udist.sampleSymbol());`  
`   }`

`   //create a symbolList to test the Distribution`  
`   SymbolList symbl = new SimpleSymbolList(dwarfAlphabet, list);`

The SymbolList is changed into an OrderNSymbolList to enable an OrderNDistribution to be made over it.


   //make it into an orderNSymbolList
   symbl = SymbolListViews.orderNSymbolList(symbl, order);

   //or you could have a windowed symbolList
   //symbl = SymbolListViews.windowedSymbolList(symbl, order);

   //add counts to the distribution
   for (Iterator i = symbl.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
     try {
       dtc.addCount(ond, (Symbol), 1.0);
     catch (IllegalSymbolException ex) {
      //you  tried to add a Symbol not in your Alphabet

   // don't forget to train or none of your weights will be added

   //write the distribution to XML
   XMLDistributionWriter writer = new XMLDistributionWriter();

   writer.writeDistribution(ond, new FileOutputStream("dwarf.xml"));

} ```