The biojava3-phylo module provides a biojava3 interface layer to the forester phylogenomics library for constructing phylogenetic trees found at The forester library is used by Archaeopteryx application which provides a full featured java application for doing phylogenetics. In the future we may add additional helper classes to make integration of biojava3 a little easier as forester jar file is primarily designed to be used from command line where input and output are files. The following is an example of taking a BioJava3 MultipleSequenceAlignment and constructing a Neighbor Joining tree using Percent Identity Difference to calculate the Distance Matrix between all sequences.

`           TreeConstructor`<ProteinSequence, AminoAcidCompound>treeConstructor = new TreeConstructor`<ProteinSequence, AminoAcidCompound>`(multipleSequenceAlignment, TreeType.NJ, TreeConstructionAlgorithm.PID, new ProgessListenerStub());`  
`           treeConstructor.process();`  
`           String newick = treeConstructor.getNewickString(true, true);`

The TreeConstructor class is a Biojava3 class that handles the complexity of using the forester library and serves as a convenience class.