How do I specify a PointLocation?

In BioJava locations in a Sequence are specified by simple objects that implement the interface Location.

A point location is the inclusive location of a single symbol in a SymbolList or Sequence. PointLocations have public constructors and are easy to instantiate. The following example demonstrates the creation of a PointLocation and it’s specification of a single Symbol in a SymbolList.

Remember that BioJava uses the biological coordinate system thus the first PointLocation in a Sequence will be 1 not 0.

As of BioJava 1.8, you may want to consider using RichLocation from the BioJavax extension.

```java import*; import*;

public class SpecifyPoint {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
   try {
     //make a PointLocation specifying the third residue
     PointLocation point = new PointLocation(3);
     //print the location
     System.out.println("Location: "+point.toString());

     //make a SymbolList
     SymbolList sl = RNATools.createRNA("gcagcuaggcggaaggagc");
     System.out.println("SymbolList: "+sl.seqString());

     //get the SymbolList specified by the Location
     SymbolList sym = point.symbols(sl);
     //in this case the SymbolList will only have one base
     System.out.println("Symbol specified by Location: "+sym.seqString());
   catch (IllegalSymbolException ex) {
     //illegal symbol used to make sl

} ```