How do I translate a single codon to a single amino acid?

The general translation example shows how to use RNATools to translate a RNA SymbolList into a Protein SymbolList but most of what goes on is hidden behind the convenience method translate(). If you only want to translate a single codon into a single amino acid you get exposed to a bit more of the gory detail but you also get a chance to figure out more of what is going on under the hood.

There are actually a number of ways to do this, below I have presented only one.

```java import*; import*;

public class SingleTranslationDemo {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
   //make a compound alphabet where codons are Symbols
   Alphabet a = AlphabetManager.alphabetForName("(RNA x RNA x RNA)");

   //get our translation table using one of the static names from TranslationTable
   TranslationTable table = RNATools.getGeneticCode(TranslationTable.UNIVERSAL);

   try {
     //make a 'codon'
     SymbolList codon = RNATools.createRNA("UUG");

     //get the representation of that codon as a Symbol
     Symbol sym = a.getSymbol(codon.toList());

     //translate to amino acid
     Symbol aminoAcid = table.translate(sym);
      * This bit is not required for the translation it just proves that the
      * Symbol is from the right Alphabet. An Exception will be thrown if it
      * isn't.

     //i think it is Leucine
   catch (IllegalSymbolException ex) {

} ```