BioJava:Download 1.7

This page offers downloads for the BioJava 1.7 release.

BioJava 1.7 requires on Java 1.5 or later.

Complete Download

A complete download is available as the biojava-1.7-all.jar file (27Mb). The file contains all binaries, required jars, docs, source, test, demos and apps as gzipped tar files. For some browsers, right click and select “Save Link As”.

This file contains documentation, source and binaries. Please note that this JAR file cannot be dropped directly into your class path. You need to unpack the binaries first (or download them seperately below).

BioJava binaries

A binary distribution is available as biojava.jar file (3.5Mb). For some browsers, right click and select “Save Link As”.

Support libraries

Source download

The jar file containing the source code is available from biojava-1.7-src.jar (6.1Mb). This provides the same directory structure as is available from a SVN checkout of the project, including .jar file dependencies.


Documentation is available via biojava-docs.jar (11Mb) that includes the javadocs for the API, demos and apps. For some browsers, right click and select “Save Link As”.

You can also browse the documentation at BioJava 1.7 api

Release Date

BioJava 1.7 has been released on April 13th, 2009.

Getting older versions

  • The legacy release of 1.6 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.5 can be found here (requires Java 1.4.2+)
  • The legacy release of 1.4 can be found here
  • The legacy release 1.3 can be found here.
  • Older releases of BioJava can be found in the download area.