BioJava:Download 3.0.2

This page offers downloads for the BioJava 3.0.2 release.

BioJava 3.0.2 requires Java 1.6 or later.


BioJava 3.0.2 has been released and is available using Maven from

BioJava 3.0.2 adds several new modules and enhances the capabilities of BioJava:

- biojava3-aa-prop: This new module allows the calculation of physico chemical and other properties of protein sequences.
- biojava3-protein-disorder: A new module for the prediction of disordered regions in proteins. It based on a Java implementation of the RONN predictor

Other noteworthy improvements:

- protein-structure: Improved handling of protein domains: Now supports SCOP. New functionality for automated prediction of protein domains, based on Protein Domain Parser.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes in several other modules.

View the page for a list of current modules.

Maven Download

BioJava 3.0.2 requires Maven for the build process. We are providing a BioJava specific Maven repository at .

You can add the BioJava repository by adding the following XML to your project pom.xml file:

                <!-- other biojava jars as needed -->
            <name>BioJava repository</name>

Manual Download

.tar.gz containing all jars, source and javadocs: biojava-3.0.2-all

Module Binary Jar Source Jar Javadoc Jar
biojava3-core biojava3-core-3.0.2.jar biojava3-core-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-core-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-alignment biojava3-alignment-3.0.2.jar biojava3-alignment-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-alignment-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-genome biojava3-genome-3.0.2.jar biojava3-genome-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-genome-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-structure biojava3-structure-3.0.2.jar biojava3-structure-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-structure-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-structure-gui biojava3-structure-gui-3.0.2.jar biojava3-structure-gui-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-structure-gui-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-phylo biojava3-phylo-3.0.2.jar biojava3-phylo-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-phylo-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-protmod biojava3-protmod-3.0.2.jar biojava3-protmod-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-protmod-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-ws biojava3-ws-3.0.2.jar biojava3-ws-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-ws-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-aa-prop biojava3-aa-prop-3.0.2.jar biojava3-aa-prop-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-aa-prop-3.0.2-javadoc.jar
biojava3-protein-disorder biojava3-protein-disorder-3.0.2.jar biojava3-protein-disorder-3.0.2-sources.jar biojava3-protein-disorder-3.0.2-javadoc.jar

Browse API docs

You can also browse the documentation at BioJava 3.0.2 api

Release Date

BioJava 3.0.2 has been released on September 2nd, 2011.

Getting older versions

  • The legacy release of 3.0.1 can be found here (requires Java 1.6+)
  • The legacy release of 3.0 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.8 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.7.1 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.7 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.6 can be found here (requires Java 1.5+)
  • The legacy release of 1.5 can be found here (requires Java 1.4.2+)
  • The legacy release of 1.4 can be found here
  • The legacy release 1.3 can be found here.
  • Older releases of BioJava can be found in the download area.