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BioJava 3.0 has been released on December 28th 2010. A copy of the code is available from Documentation is available from

Availability ------------ See the [BioJava SVN access](CVS_to_SVN_Migration "wikilink") page for how to check out the code from SVN or get the latest SNAPSHOT builds. IDE specific instructions ------------------------- - [BioJava3\_eclipse](/wiki/BioJava3_eclipse "wikilink") how to work with BioJava3 using eclipse Wanted ------ We need a volunteer to migrate/rewrite the Blast parsing framework from BioJava 1 Mailing List ------------ All discussions are on [<>]( Coding conventions ------------------ - We are using Maven to build biojava 3 - [BioJava3\_license](/wiki/BioJava3_license "wikilink") - All source code of BioJava 3 is under LGPL. - [BioJava3\_logging](/wiki/BioJava3_logging "wikilink") - How to use logging Links ----- - [BioJava3\_Proposal](/wiki/BioJava3_Proposal "wikilink")