BioJava Hackathon 2010

The BioJava Hackaton will take place at the Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge, U.K. from Jan. 19th-22nd


- Further development of the BioJava modules. For module specific goals see the BioJava:Modules page. - Anything the module leaders deem necessary for their modules.
- Add new modules
- Finalizing BioJava 3.0


Stay up to date with what is going in Cambridge at and

Or #biojava on Web IRC interface available at


The Hackathon will be held at the Genome Campus in Hinxton. OpenStreetMap, [,+Hinxton,+Saffron+Walden,+Essex,+Vereinigtes+K%C3%B6nigreich&z=11 Google Maps]


The campus has a security office located to the left of the front gates. All those attendees listed on this page have been registered with the office and should collect their security passes from the security office upon arrival BEFORE trying to get through the gates.

If you are intending to attend the hackathon and your name is NOT on this page, please email Jonathan Warren so that he can register you with security (his email address is below). If you are not registered with security, you will not be able to gain entry to the campus.

NOTE: If you are driving, you will need to tell the security office your car registration number when you collect your pass so that they can allow you to drive through the gates to the visitors car park.


(in no particular order)

  • Jonathan Warren - jw12 at sanger dot ac dot uk
  • Christoph Gille - christoph dot gille at charite dot de
  • Scooter Willis - hwillis at scripps dot edu
  • Andreas Prlic - andreas at sdsc dot edu
  • Richard Holland - holland at eaglegenomics dot com
  • Michael Heuer - heuermh at gmail dot com (online via irc or chat only)
  • Jules Jacobsen - jacobsen at ebi dot ac dot uk
  • Andy Law - andy dot law at roslin dot ed dot ac dot uk
  • Matias Piipari - matias dot piipari at gmail dot com
  • Andy Yates - ayates at ebi dot ac dot uk
  • Johan Henriksson - mahogny at areta dot org

Accomodation and Travel

Some of the participants are staying at theTravelodge, Hills Road in Cambridge. OpenStreetMap, Google Maps

There is a free bus provided by the Genome campus every morning and evening that can take you to there and bring you back. Genome Campus Shuttle timetable

Other hotels available near the campus are: (the nearest non WT owned accommodation) (in the next village along) (see above) (owned by WT & sometimes will offer accommodation)

However one problem with all of these are the costs involved; if you can get into the Travelodge it’s normally quite a bit cheaper but do check carefully. Spending £5 more per night to get into one of the other places can be worth it.


Monday 10 am - 5 pm

9-10 Go to campus security, register, set up computers
10:00 Welcome, Introduction, Overview of BioJava
10:20 Declaration of Intentions of Module leaders
10:40 Group
10:50 Hack
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacker demos
13:20 Hack

Tuesday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm

09:00 Outlook for the day
09:05 Group
09:10 Hack
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacker demos
13:20 Hack

Friday 9 am - 4 pm

09:00 Outlook for the day
09:05 Group
09:10 Hack
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacker demos
15:45 Final wrap up