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Mark 23:43, 27 January 2007 (EST)

Regading BIOSQL files

Dear all,

I have downloaded the BioSQL db files, viz:-

biosqldb-pg.sql biosqldb-assembly-pg.sql biosql-accelerators-pg.sql

When i am trying to compile the biosqldb-pg.sql file, it gives me a error. stating that the following error.

If any1 could tell me how to rectify these errors and work ahead, it would be very nice.




Hello Guys, following the time evolution of the problems posted the list, I have a problem you’d like great ideas I read that here, my case is problematic:

Working with Bioinformatics applied to proteomics, using the software 3D Image Master Plantinum to analysis of images acquired from scanner of gels containing proteins in it, give this application analytical is limited when we move the spot (the point where it is against the protein) in order to publish the statistical analysis and papers.

I need to develop an application or script to automate this function within the software, so when researchers can instead use the pencil to highlight the spots, with only one click the circle is positioned on the spot in the gel

best regards


Problem with ScoreMatrix class

Dear All,

When I try to create an object of ScoreMatrix class it gives me error like can not find symbol constructor ScoreMatrix. I have already set the phylo jar in my path.

import org.biojava3.phylo.*;

class TestPhylo {

   public static void main(String s[])
       ScoreMatrix obj=new ScoreMatrix();


Need an urgent solution.

With Regards

Subrata Sinha