Core Team


The so-called Core developers are the project leaders who ensure that releases are made, try and ensure that unanswered questions are addressed, and set a vision for the project where appropriate.

Current Core


These gurus laboured tirelessly as core developers in the early days of BioJava. Many are only semi-retired and still lurk on the mailing list. Occasionaly their oracular wisdom can be heard permeating the AEthers of the web.

Becoming a Core Developer

Generally a person is asked to join the Core development team after showing significant leadership and contribution to the project. A core developer is an individual willing to take on the responsibilities of timely code releases, answering questions from users and developers on the Mailing list, and generally setting a vision for the project. If you feel yourself or other individuals have shown themselves to be a dedicated developer to the project and that they should be part of the leadership team, please email a current Core developer.