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WARNING:Vincent Rouilly 15:18, 17 August 2009 (UTC): this is a very preliminary tutorial. It worked for me, but this tutorial would need some more inputs to be more robust. Please drop your comments / feedback at the bottom of the page if you have given it a try.


Installation Steps

  1. Create new Google App Engine project from Eclipse (after Google Engine plug-in installation):
    1. Project name: dazzle
    2. Package: org.biojava.servlets.dazzle
    3. Uncheck ‘Use Google Web Toolkit’
    4. Finish
  1. Import ‘dazzle’ Jar files into ‘dazzle google engine’ project
    1. In Eclipse, ‘dazzle’ project Properties -> Java Build Path -> Add External Jars
    2. Import from /tmp/dazzle/jars: bioJava.jar, bytecode.jar, dasmi-model.jar, servlet-api-2.3.jar
  2. Import ‘dazzle’ ressources folder into ‘dazzle google engine’ project
    1. drag-and-drop /tmp/dazzle/resources folder into ‘Eclipse:/dazzle’ folder
  3. Import ‘dazzle’ src files into ‘dazzle google engine’ project
    1. drag-and-drop /tmp/dazzle/src/org folder into ‘Eclipse:/ dazzle/src’ folder
    2. Comment: you should have 3 errors due to the use of Context in ‘MysqlFeatureCache’. For now, I just commented the 2 lines involved.
  4. Import /tmp/dazzle/dazzle-webapp files into ‘dazzle google engine’ project
  5. drag-and-drop files from /tmp/dazzle/dazzle-webapp into Eclipse:/dazzle/war/. (do not select WEB-INF folder)
  6. Import Jars to WEB-INF/lib
    1. drag and drop jar files from /tmp/dazzle/jars into ‘dazzle google engine’ Eclipse:/dazzle/war/WEB-INF/lib
    2. biojava.jar, bytecode.jar, dasmi-model.jar, servelt-api-2.3.jar, dazzle.jar
  7. Update web.xml file in Eclipse:/dazzle/war/WEB-INF/

          `         ``Dazzle` `        ``org.biojava.servlets.dazzle.DazzleServlet` `        `
         `        ``Dazzle` `        ``/das/*` `        `
        `               ``das_welcome.html` `       `

  1. Run application in Eclipse as web Application (standalone test)
    1. check with your web browser: http://localhost:8080/das/dsn
  2. If it works, you can create a Google App Engine Application ID and deploy your dazzle server on the cloud.
    1. http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/java/tools/uploadinganapp.html

Comments / Feedback

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Below is a screenshot of an eclipse project layout after successfully following the above instructions.