Dazzle & plugin installation in Eclipse

Instructions how to run Dazzle in Eclipse using the Web Standard Tools.

required plugins

To run Dazzle in Eclipse make sure you have the following eclipse plugins installed or you download a version of eclipse with these plugins already such as a Java EE eclipse version or sometimes labelled Server/Web version (e.g. Ganymede or EasyEclipse):

WST - the Web Standard Tools project
Subclipse - the subversion plugin for eclipse

For WST make sure to have your Tomcat/Resin server configured correctly as a Server in Eclipse.

Step 1 check out Dazzle

Check out the Dazzle code from Subversion as a new Java Project.

Step 2 create a new Dynamic Web Project

This project will provide your Dazzle plugin. Let’s call it “mydazzle” for this example.

Step 3 configure new project

Configure the dependencies of “mydazzle”.

->right mouse click ->preferences -> J2EE Module Dependencies
select Dazzle, biojava-live
add the .jar files from biojava-live/

->right mouse click ->preferences -> Java Build Path 
    select Dazzle and biojava-live
    add the .jar files from Dazzle/dazzle-weball/WEB-INF/lib
    (but not dazzle.jar, that one is being take care of by the J2EE dependency

Step 3 copy files

Copy the files from the Dazzle/dazzle-webapp subdirectory into you Dynamic web project / WebContent/

Copy the Dazzle/dazzle-webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml to your Dynamic web project / WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml

Step 5 start dynamic web project

Right mouse click on the dynamic web project-> run on server.

This will start your project on the server

To create a new plugin, simply edit the Java source code in your dynamic web project. Don’t forget to also include your new DAS source in the dazzlecfg.xml file.